The Javateer has been in the IT industry for nearly a decade now. I’m not a do-or-die Java Developer, per say. I’ve studied other technologies before, since the beginning. I still look over my shoulder for what new, better way of IT life may come. But I must say, I think I’ve done well placing my bets on Java a long time ago.

Someone once told me not to brand myself with a name that associates itself to any specific technology. The name, Javateer, would be a good example then of what name not to use. But then someone else passed through my world noting that what was before the Java syntax language has matured now to being the Java platform. Or, as a headhunter once referred to it; one of the big three (.NET and PHP, the other two). There’s no argument that Java isn’t going anywhere soon. But even then, when it’s time has passed, so what? Nothing lasts forever. Not Java, or even me for that matter. So then, I’ll wear this hat and walk this stride.

Resume, Software Engineer


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